Success Stories


Bamboo Star Agro-Forestry – Unlocking Ethiopia’s Bamboo Potential

In Ethiopia about one million hectares of land is occupied by bamboo forests which makes it Africa’s largest reserve of bamboo. Coupled with eager foreign investment, Ethiopia is leading the bamboo industrial revolution in Africa. Bamboo Star Agro-Forestry (BSAF), a company founded by succe…

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froute-pod-by-giant-grass (1)

Made from Bamboo, (f)route POD by Giant Grass will give camping a whole new glamorous experience

“Promoting the use of bamboo is at the heart of what we do at Giant Grass”, says the company’s website. Its latest offering is the glamourous (f)route POD – a semi-permanent structure which can be used for camping, accommodation, as a studio or meditation space or possibly used as a gazebo in bac…

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Bamboo Floor Tiles made in the state of Tripura in North East India is headed for European market

Bamboo flooring is a growing craze worldwide. It is uniquely attractive, strong, resilient, moisture and stain resistant and environmentally friendly. Bamboo is ecologically friendly and has unrivalled capacity to capture carbon. It is a family of grass and not a tree, it matures quickly in as li…

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MIT researchers working on ways to engineer the grass to create a more structurally sound building material

While bamboo has many similarities to wood as a building material, it also has very distinct properties. In-depth analysis of the microstructure of bamboo has uncovered its potential for use in composite materials with stronger and denser properties. Various attempts are going on aimed at develop…

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