About Us

From a ‘poor man’s timber’ to ‘green gold’, bamboo is fast emerging as the next super material with immense business potential. It is one of the fastest growing and highest yielding renewable natural resource and can significantly contribute to employment and income generation, especially in the rural areas.

GreenGoldBamboo.com (a Personal Passion Initiative) is a bamboo promotion initiative that aims to leverage the social, economic, and environmental advantages of Bamboo to enable bamboo realise its true potential as ‘green gold’. It curates news, views, and best practices from around the world and highlight success stories, the latest research & development to catalyze growth & development of bamboo.

It is India’s first Bamboo Advocacy and Bamboo Entrepreneurship Development Digital Platform.

Foster Green Living. Drive socio economic development.


To be the most relevant bamboo knowledge & information platform. We will curate, aggregate and bring success stories, the latest research & development, news, views, analysis and best practices from around the world to catalyze and foster growth & development of bamboo.

To develop an ecosystem that connects every conceivable community and stakeholder associated with bamboo. Bamboo is our passion and through this initiative we wish to promote partnerships, convergence and synergy amongst bamboo pioneers, innovators, bamboo businesses, business leaders from across the world, financial institutions, potential investors from allied industries, and policy makers from government.

To nurture bamboo entrepreneurship. India has the largest area and the second largest reserve of bamboo in the world. Bamboo has the potential to transform the country’s rural economy and contribute to the sustainable development efforts of the country. Our aim is also to educate enterprising artisans, youth and aspiring micro & small entrepreneurs about the immense economic potential of bamboo. We will orient and build their conviction in the future of bamboo business. Going forward, we will facilitate bamboo business venture start ups by enabling business collaborations and partnerships.

To position bamboo products as green, fashionable and trendy. GreenGoldBamboo.com will work with partners to initiate various consumer engagements that will position bamboo products amongst consumers as fashionable, trendy & ecologically responsible. We believe this will lead to demand creation, which in turn will spur growth and bamboo business development.