Plantation company Kitil Farm in Kenya sowing a future of prosperity with bamboo seedlings

kitil-farmKitil Farm, founded by Juvenales Njuguna in Kenya is today one of the leading bamboo plantation nursery in Africa. It is indeed an inspirational story of how Njuguna overcame the odds to nurture Bamboo farming. 

Today, Kitil Farm grows and sells high quality bamboo seedlings to individuals, investment groups, NGOs, CBOs, government ministries and departments. Kitil Farm has serviced some large bamboo establishment projects around the world with overwhelming success.  Using biotechnology, it builds bamboo nurseries and rehabilitates degraded land through bamboo cultivation. Most importantly, it also conducts bamboo training programs aimed at individual investors and/or groups on all aspects of bamboo care, bamboo management, harvesting and associated technologies.

According a company communication by Kitil Farm, they have the following species of bamboo: O. Abyssinica (giant and solid stemmed bamboo, Bambusa textilis or longinternode, Phyllostachys pubescens(moso), Dendrocalamus membranaceus cv grandis (a giant clumping bamboo), Dendrocalamus maximuslamina (a giant clumping bamboo and giant leaf), Dendrocalamus giganteus (a giant clumping bamboo), Dendrocalamus asper (a giant clumping bamboo), Dendrocalamus barbartus (a giant clumping bamboo), Dendrocalamus giganteus (a giant clumping bamboo).

 Image Courtesy: Content Hub is India’s First Bamboo Advocacy and Bamboo Entrepreneurship Development Digital platform.

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