World’s First Bamboo-Fired Power Plant to Open in Japan

Inside-the-bamboo-forest-of-Kyoto-JapanA company based in Tokushima prefecture in western Japan said it will build the world’s first fire-powered electricity plant which will use bamboo as its main source of fuel.

Fujisaki Electric Co. said it will be able to generate 15.8 million kilowatts a year at the plant, or enough to provide electricity for 4,860 households throughout the year. It will use local bamboo.

“We hope to eventually provide the technology to other countries in Asia” where many types of bamboo grow, spokeswoman Eri Funata told Japan Real Time.

Bamboo is certified by the Guinness World Records as the fastest-growing plant in the world, with some species growing by up to 91 centimeters a day.

However, the plants contain high levels of potassium and other components which turn them in to solid lumps that stick to the furnace when burned. Fujisaki Electric couldn’t find any domestic manufacturers that could solve the problem, and turned to Lambion Energy Solutions GmbH, based in Bad Arolsen in Germany.

“The company has expertise in creating many types of biomass power plants, and we were able to solve the critical issue on using bamboos,” Ms. Funata said.

Fujisaki Electric will spend a total of ¥2.4 billion ($19.4 million) to set up the power plant in Yamaguchi prefecture, western Japan. Construction is expected to begin in January and operations a year later.

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