Bamboowood Products: Fostering Green Living for a better tomorrow | Neeraj Mutha

neeraj muthaBamboo is has always been popular as a building material, especially in house-building. It is one of the fastest growing and highest yielding renewable natural resource making it a good substitute to wood in mitigating pressure on natural forests. In a world when climate change and sustainability is one of the global issues that needs to be addressed with top priority, Bamboo comes as a welcome option. Bamboo is a family of grass, it matures in as little as 3 to 5 years much faster than hardwood trees which can take 20 years or more to reach maturity. It sends out new shoots after each harvest and has unrivalled capacity to capture carbon.

Neeraj Mutha, the progenitor of the bamboowood dream at Mutha Industries which produces bamboowood products under the banner of Epitome made a presentation on how these bamboo items are environment friendly. He propels the passion, marketing and communication side of the business. Anil Mutha is the operational mastermind behind the company. 

EPITOME is a brand owned by Mutha Industries which courts diverse interests in capital markets, real estate and wind energy. EPITOME–Bamboowood offers flooring for home indoor, decking for outdoors and cladding for that rich feel on walls-along with doors, door frames and stunning custom made furniture.

Unlike regular hardwood, Epitome – Bamboowood knows how to tackle those pesky termites, so you don’t have to worry about these. You wouldn’t believe how strong this stuff is, its tensile strength gives steel a run for its money,” Mutha said.

He said that Epitome bamboowood has built Tripura Cricket Association (TCA) dressing room and Meghalaya house in Kolkata among others.

neeraj mutha 1“Our mission is to revolutionize the way homes are beautified by bringing India its first eco-friendly options. Built on cutting edge Research & Development—our flooring, decking and cladding, doors, door frames and stunning custom made furniture options are fully made from bamboo—yet has the same experience of hardwood. We at Mutha Industries endeavour for brilliance and wish to lead India into the future with our innovative offerings”, added Mutha. Content Hub is India’s First Bamboo Advocacy and Bamboo Entrepreneurship Development Digital platform.

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